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Do you need anything related with CAD-Drawing or 3D Print?

Just an information? Ask me!

You have an idea and want to draw it in 3 Dimensions and why not print it as well? Tell me about it!

Maybe you already drew something and just want to print it!? Send me your files and tell me what your are looking for with it! Which color? Which Material? With which technology (FDM or SLA)? etc...

I could then help you! Just fill up the contact form and we can have a look together in details about your project.

About me:

What I studied

- DUT Génie Mécanique et productique in Besancon (France)

- Science Engineering in Besancon and in Dublin in Irland (1 year ERASMUS)

- Material Engineering (Master's degree) in Poitiers and in Finland

More details on the link below:

Where I worked

- Helmholz-Zentrum Dresden as research assistant

- Start-ups Diaspective Vision and OXY4 as Development Engineer where I was everyday drawing (CAD), designing, developing, 3D-pinting and building the products.

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We won there some innovation prices such as inno-award:

- Hiperscan GmbH as Engineer


IDEA              =>   Drawing                        =>       Real 3D-Product in your hand

CREATIVITY       =>   2D and 3D drawing (CAD)   =>        3D Printer (FDM or SLA)

I am using at the moment the 2 folowing 3D-printer technologies

Complex designs





Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)


Standard thermoplastics, such as ABS, PLA, PET, flexible Materials and their various blends and colours.

Cheap and fast
Print volume quite big: 250 x 210 x 210 mm
Ideal for prototyping

Cost-effective and fast prototype production
low accuracy, low resolution and limited design compatibility compared to SLA but it might be good enough for what you need!

Inexpensive and fast prototype production, some companies are using this printer as well for series production!

And much more...

Stereolithografie (SLA)


Different resins (thermosets). Standard, technical (ABS, PP-like, flexible, heat-resistant), castable, dental and medical materials (biocompatible).

Excellent cost-benefit ratio
High and excellent precision and accuracy
Smooth surface finish
Wide range of functional applications

Sensitive to long exposure to UV light
Print volume quite small  120 × 68 × 150 mm

Functional prototyping
Dental applications
Jewellery prototyping and casting
Model making

And much more...

Click on the screenshot below to see some examples: